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June Jacobs Spa Collection: DIY Spa

June Jacobs Span Collection

High-end hotels started carrying the June Jacobs Spa Collection a few years ago – but rather than waiting for luxury to find you, why not make your own? Now that snow has started falling for some of you, I recommend a nice warm spa day – at home! Just pick up a few of these products, draw a hot bath, and voila! The cucumber cleansing bar (on sale for $16.99) is a spa essential (which reminds me – slice some cucs for your eyes and for your glass of water). Aromatherapy can get overwhelming and at times headache inducing, but this scent is fresh and pretty. Botanicals and fruit extracts have a lot to do with that – June Jacobs is all about combining innovative science with nature. Plus, the bar French-milled, so it’s lush and creamy. But my absolute favorite scent from the collection is the citrus, so after you’ve soaked to your content, make sure to slather on some rich citrus body balm (on sale for $39.99). The line’s regular moisturizer isn’t as nourishing, but the balms are perfection. And what spa experience is complete without candles?? The Serenity candle ($40) has a sheer orange scent, and is made of eco-friendly beeswax. It comes in a gorgeous box, so get two and gift one to your bestie!

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  1. These sound like amazing products! I would love to treat myself to my own home spa treatment, cucumbers included. However, I do have very sensitive skin and am usually hesitant to buy products with any kind of scent involved. Do you know if this soap and lotion are sensitive skin friendly? Thanks!