Kelly and Chris Quilted Down Jacket: Bombshell Bomber

Married designer couple Kelly and Chris have mastered the art of the leather jacket (I love my orange limited edition!), so it was time to break the mold. Part Chanel, part motorcycle babe, this slick jet-black number is a must-have to bring along for the ride. Biker street style goes quilted for an edgy, ultra-femme look. It has just enough puff to insulate without losing its rugged appeal. With global warming speeding full steam ahead, you can never be sure of the weather, so I like to carry around layering pieces when I travel. This lightweight down jacket can be packed down into my carry-on at no expense to my back! Who knew rough and tumble wear could be so sensible? At Kelly and Chris for $178 (only $28 for shipping to the US!).

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