Kim Kardashian Struts in Tom Ford Padlock Pumps

Kim K. was glossy-glossy to the max strutting around Miami in head to toe leather, complete with Tom Ford Padlock pumps. With golden detail these ankle wrapped beauties are perfection with a pointed toe to make the most of Kim’s gams. I’ve got to hand it to Kim; she is becoming very Beckham –like with her recent closet revamp. Comfort takes a backseat to this Kardashian… but then again, beauty is pain, which is exactly what I would be feeling in head to toe leather in Miami. I’d be a puddle of sweat with giant hair in .5 seconds. Hats off to cool-as-a-cucumber Kimmy, keeping it classy and under control no matter what the elements through at her. Pick these posh pumps up at Neiman Marcus for $1100.

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