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LedaOtto Jewels: Science Fiction Double Feature

These LedaOtto jewels are sci-fi spectacle at its best! Their architectural design is explained by the fact that the Tuscan-born duo behind the line bases each piece on the blueprint of a famous Italian building. You can see that the bracelet is an homage to a theater with the jewel signifying the stage. But while the design may be Italian, the coloring and materials make them look as if they were broken off of a spaceship. The bracelet ($396) seems to be some sort of Star Trek communicator (do you think it shoots lasers?) or medical diagnostic device. The necklace ($535) is less sci-fi, but nevertheless, just as out of this world cool. Leather, gold-plated brass, and Swarovski crystals decorate the three rope-like strands to create fantastical bold draping. The time for futuristic chic is now! On Luisa Via Roma.



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