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Marianella Soap: Taking the Good Without the Bad

Jabonería Marianella Soap.

More and more of our close friends are being diagnosed with cancer, and it makes me wonder – is it all of the products we’re putting on ourselves? Maybe we need just to go back to the basics. A simple bar of soap. Not just any ordinary one, though! Natural soap, like that masterfully and delicately created by Jabonería Marianella, a luxury company birthed from a Venezuelan mother-son duo’s family tradition of making soap in their kitchen. Marinella has made an art out of their craft. These bars ($14 each), pulling double duty for your face and body, are made with rich goat’s milk, vitamins, and that trendy argan oil. No harmful ingredients (including parabens!) and no possible side effects, other than soft, supple skin! I’m using the Dama de la Noche milk bar, and I don’t even need to use lotion afterwards. My eight-year-old prefers the Alemandra ‘cuz you know it’s gray and “for boys” (where do they learn this from?!). This has me seriously considering throwing out my arsenal of shower gels!! Available in four different scents at Marianella.



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  1. It’s probably a good idea to throw out those shower gels, I think a lot of their ingredients are on the DON’T list for healthy products. I doubt that our friend’s cancers are a direct result of our beloved products, but they certainly increase the load so it’s wise to detox every so often and minimize the bad stuff in the things we use on all of our skin. I always wonder about lipstick, the one thing I could never do without, and the most of the natural versions don’t hold a candle to the good stuff!