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Nip + Fab Tummy Fix: Abs-olutely Toned

We work hard to get our abs in tip-top shape – going to the gym, eating right…so why not add something to the regimen that’s easy? Nip + Fab, the more affordable sister brand of celeb-adored Rodial, has been around for only two years, but its problem solution “Fix” collection already has some cult hits. The paraben-free products cure cellulite, act as a botox alternative, even plump your décolletage. I have my eye on the Tummy Fix, though. I have no illusions that this will magically give any woman a six-pack, but I am a believer in the every-little-bit-helps mentality! Use this gel daily to firm the skin on your abs, making them look as toned as possible without actually toning them! Claiming to improve skin texture, this gel has even been reported by some women as a cellulite fix. It contains armashape to sculpt and improve elasticity, and bitter orange to firm. Plus, the pretty floral scent is much better than the smell of sweat! While I love Rodial, it’s expensive, so if you’re not sure you want to take the plunge just yet, start off with Nip + Fab. Just remember with body sculpting products like these, the effect will be magnified a thousand times over if you do the work, too. So find a cute trainer and start on those crunches!

Available at Target for $18.95.



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  1. You do realize that cellulite is the result of the the uneven fat beneath the skin and that no topical treatment is going to magically smooth out adipose tissue? I wish you’d stop promoting pseudo-science.