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Prada Fringed Double-Handle Bag: Too Much of a Good Thing


Every once in awhile, Prada brings out the bling. I was recently loving their overt bedazzlementicon, but no matter how desirable a look, the line needs to be drawn before it’s too late. This fringe-covered, stone-laden, and stud-encrusted (even describing it is overload) tote has veered way off-course. It’s in another world altogether, a planet where armored bags aren’t a luxury, they’re a necessity. And this is no world I want to travel to.

This explosion of glam-rock napa leather would make a pretty cool Roman skirt, but I just can’t get behind a fringy bag that encourages excess on a hideous level. On the bright side, it would make for a nice bicep workout it if it were worth carrying the weight – but I cringe at the thought. At Saks Fifth Avenueicon for $3,200 (cringe, again).

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