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Run Your Heart Out

It usually doesn’t take people very long to realize that I’m a very anxious and neurotic person. 17 hours a day odds are I’m worried/stressed -even when there’s nothing to worry about – and the other hours I’m sleeping (and even then it can be an uneven, nightmare-prone sleep….as I write this I’m completely aware that I sound like I may need to be medicated!) or I’m at Barry’s Bootcamp. People have actually told me that when they see me run at Barry’s that I look calm even though I’m running fast…it’s such an endorphin rush and I can consistently count on the workout to clear my mind and completely rid me of my anxieties…it’s remarkable, which is why I’m one of those people who actually looks forward to working out (check-out Barry’s…I think you’ll fall in love too!). It’s imperative however when doing such an intense workout regularly to wear the right shoes. If you live by a Nike store ask them to do a run test so they can assess your running style and recommend the right sneaker for you (it’s free and so useful!).

I’ve been running in Newton’s Distance sneakers for weeks now and they’re fantastic. They come designed in versions for people with both neutral strides as well as people whose foot goes slightly to the right or left when they run (stability version). I can without a doubt say that these shoes have helped me run FASTER. It’s amazing. These are perfect for short fast sprints. I’ll also say that I have owned countless sneakers over the years and I never get as many complements on them as when I wear Newtons.

Another fantastic shoe that I’ve been running in for the last month or so is Nike’s new LunarGlide +4Shield. This is an amazing shoe for long outdoor runs. It’s light, but supportive, and super sleek in design. Nike is such an awesome brand (check-out the ad below…one of my all-time favorites and a perfect summary of why I’m so addicted). It’s impossible to argue with the quality of their technology. If you’re looking for a an everyday sneaker for your long runs, I’d highly recommend this one, but again if you live near one of their stores you should take advantage of their free run test and incredibly knowledgeable staff….as well as their free run clubs!!



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  1. Sharon I always look out for your posts….where in New York can you purchase the Newton trainers,I was awaiting my trip to New York to get some new Nike runners but may get a pair of these instead!

    Also I’ve always fancied BarrysBootcamp as a visiting guest to New York can you attend a class or two?

    Lastly many years ago you (and Tina) gave me some good restuarant tips for New York, we are celebrating our 1st Wedding Anniversary on 30th dec so wondered if you had any great options. Alsways great to have a real New Yorkers views.

    Thanks for your help,look forward to more fitness posts 🙂


    1. Hi Lottie!
      You can buy them online or at Jack Rabbit:)

      And yes you can try out one or two classes at Barry’s..go to their website to sign-up for individual classes…they are amazing!!
      What kind of a restaurant are you looking for? Let me know one you like so I have an idea and will see if I can think of something:)