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Scotch Shrunk Camouflage Vest: Little Army Men


Scotch Shrunk is the absolute best boys line – so fun and functional! Launched four years ago by Amsterdam-based brand Scotch and Soda, it aims to bring adult style to kiddies by simply “shrinking” it. So, your little man will feel all grown up in the collection’s vest! Camo trimmed with herringbone is about as chic as a boy can handle, after all. It’s the perfect outerwear for rambunctious tots who love to run around and need complete range of motion. All of the warmth without the bulk to get in their way! And the corduroy-lined hoodie is conveniently removable, making it an all-weather piece. The cute patches on the vest are what really sell it for me, though. Boys probably don’t pay attention to these little details, but you can rest easy knowing that his style matches his fun personality!

Available at Barneys New York for $150.



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