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Sentara Skincare All-Weather Cream: Quench your Thirst

As the weather on the East Coast today shows, we need to be prepared for all of the elements. And our skin is no exception! This organic beauty line uses biology to engineer products that really work. The creators use inca inchi to rejuvenate and açai (seriously, can this fruit be used for everything??) to prevent free radical damage. And the damask rose in it is great for minimizing pores! This heavy cream ($58) has the most interesting texture I’ve ever felt. It goes on squeaky, not super emollient or greasy. But the amount of hydration is incredible, and leaves my skin feeling thoroughly quenched after application. I find myself using a lot since I’m so used to having that oily feel with a thick cream. The amazing thing is that I can apply a lot, and it still absorbs completely without leaving any residue! It penetrates deep, leaving my skin feeling perfectly supple and moist in the morning (yes, I know I’m sounding like a Neutrogena commercial, but it’s just so good!).



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