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Spright: Performance Cosmetics

It’s pretty rare that I wear makeup to the gym, but a huge percentage of women do so consistently. Most women I see at the gym (whether it be Barry’s Bootcamp, Pure Yoga, Equinox…), at the very least have on mascara so I’m not surprised that there’s a growing number of brands targeting active women. Spright is a new line meant to be worn on the field, on your jog, at the gym, in the pool, at the beach….basically anywhere where you might sweat. All of the products are formulated to withstand water, sweat, heat, humidity, and rain and they’ve got a concealer ($20), liquid eyeliner ($18), and mascara ($18).

As I said I wouldn’t normally wear makeup to the gym, but I was given some samples to test out so I wore the mascara and a little bit of concealer to a hot yoga class (and by hot I mean REALLY hot because I always set up under the heat vents!). I’m happy to report that I didn’t end up with raccoon eyes or a breakout (again…this was after 60min in about 115 degrees), so if you’re the kind of lady who doesn’t have time to wash their face before working out or don’t feel comfortable bare-faced…I would highly recommend checking out this new line!


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