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Susana Bettencourt Necklaces: Under Pressure

Heavy metal is a term that is quite literal here! I don’t know how much these Susana Bettencourt pieces weigh, but I’m completely willing to start doing neck exercises (is this a thing??) to pull off this look. The Cleopatra necklace ($1,831) is brass and stainless steel banded together by delicate silk of all things! But don’t worry – Susana’s knowledge of traditional knitwear means that she has woven the fabric into a real safety net. And hey, even if you unraveled the whole thing, it looks like you could use the pieces to build something else! A car, maybe? To balance such a complex style, stick to a simple white top like the model is wearing or turn an LBD into a loud black dress. The necklace may not be easy, but stopping traffic rarely is. If you can’t handle it, the shoulder topper ($706) is almost as dramatic and even more innovative. Just try not to bump into anybody – looks like it would hurt! Either way, nobody will be messing with you! Available at Luisa Via Roma.

Susana Bettencourt Shoulder Topper

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