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The Georgi Stroller Bag: Slide On and Ride On

Baby Cargo Georgi Stroller Bag

The Baby Cargo Georgi diaper bag is made specifically to fit onto strollers which makes for a much nicer ride. No more hanging  swinging bags hitting you in the legs while you walk. This convenient bag clings tight to the stroller thanks to giant grommets that slide over the handles. This makes the carrier hang at the perfect height to grab whatever you need without having to bend over. The zipper opens nice and wide, so that all of the contents are in view. You can keep your bottles out and easy to reach with the brilliantly designed slanted elastic pouches in front (even on the roughest rides, the bottles will stay put!). Above the bottles is a small zipped pocket where you can put your phone and keys. There’s a changing pad on the inside, as well as, huge pockets to accommodate every tot essential imaginable! And with the bag’s strap, you can take the carryall with you when you leave behind the stroller. Warning – like with all bags when the stroller is without a passenger, the weight of a full Georgi could bring everything down. But I’ve discovered a fairly effective solution – put a big water bottle in the undercarriage storage to balance out the heft. But even this has it’s limits so still keep your haul in check. The Georgi fits on most double handle strollers, and there’s a special attachment on the strap to work with single handles. Available in multiple colors at Baby Cargo for $59.99.

Baby Cargo Georgi Stroller Bag



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