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Top 5 Turquoise Jewels: Healing Power

Pamela Love Cuff, Jennifer Meyer Necklace, Sandra Dini Earrings, Heirlooms Bracelet, Ippolita Bangles, Turquoise Jewelry

The abundance of turquoise in the Southwest has led Native Americans to jewel with this gem for centuries. But it’s been popular all throughout history – way back to Ancient Egypt! One reason people love it? It’s said to hold spiritual and healing qualities. Turquoise is one of the most vibrant colors found in nature and my personal fave! Once considered a stone for summer (even though it’s December’s birthstone!), now this jewel is hot all year-round.

Sandra Dini Lava, Shell & Turquoise Earrings: I love the reclaimed aspects of these danglers – shell, turquoise, and lava that’s even engraved with flowers! At Barneys New York for $1,150.

Jennifer Meyer Turquoise and Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace: Every girl wants a Heart of the Ocean, and ladies, this might be as close as we get! At Barneys New York for $3,750.

Heirlooms Vintage Victorian 18-Karat Gold Turquoise Bracelet: The vintage vibe of this bracelet balances perfectly with its polished turquoise. On Net-a-Porter for $5,500.

Pamela Love Cutout Gold-Tone Bronze and Turquoise Cuff: The worn look on this cuff is boho chic with sexy cutouts. No need to stack with something this strong! On Net-a-Porter for $560.

Ippolita Small Five-Stone Bangle: Delicate, but sure to make a statement, this slender gold bangle is spiced up with carved turquoise pieces. At Bergdorf Goodman for $1,995.



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