UPPAbaby Vista: The Newest “It” Stroller

Reese Witherspoon with the UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

Here’s Reese Witherspoon lifting her precious baby Tennessee out of his UPPAbaby smart stroller (we have smart phones, smart cars, now smart strollers!). Available in half a dozen color combos, the Vista has quickly become the new “it” stroller for celeb and average moms alike. That’s right – the reign of the Bugaboo is coming to an end. UPPAbaby’s stroller has all of the great features and stylish functionality of its predecessors with the added bonus of being a one-piece collapse (for the Bugaboo, you needed to remove the seat first, then deal with not one, but two cumbersome pieces). It does come with an eco-friendly organic bassinet, but you can leave it at home because the attached seat is more than able to handle your baby’s safe care. With swivel wheels and shock-absorbing front and rear suspension (is this secretly a car??), this stroller is made for off-roading. You’re probably not going to do that with your baby, but the features help make the ride smooth, allowing you to go over bumps instead of maneuvering around them. Pushing this stroller is as effortless as it gets.

Reese has her hands full, and so do you! Having a high-performance stroller is the key to managing stress as a new mommy, so invest in a good one. Available at Amazon for $699.

One thought on “UPPAbaby Vista: The Newest “It” Stroller

  1. Patty Novak on said:

    This has been the “it” stroller for at least 3 years now! #getwithit

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