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Alexander McQeen vs Unknown Vintage: What’s in a Name?

Or a no-name, for that matter! It’s a battle of lamb bags, and I’m torn between the retro and the renewed. Furry bags are not my thing, but even I have to admit this one-of-a-kind piece from the 1960s (at Byronesque for $4,355) is too amazing to deny. An even bigger surprise: the fascinating back story. This custom bag was made in the 60’s and decades later was discovered at the home of Pete Burns (of the ‘80s band Dead or Alive, for all you young snobs!) and brought over to Byronesque. Until now, the bag has only been shown to designers for inspiration, not for sale. We’re all about brands around here, but the mystery that comes with a one of a kind vintage piece is kind of alluring. A basic frame bag of gorgeous lamb’s wool cascading into a perfect orb is anything but basic. It also comes with a clear pouch attached inside, which makes for a super-chic, mid-century modern touch.

From the anonymous to the ultimate in recognizable monikers, this Alexander McQueen Mongolian shearling clutch (at Bergdorf Goodman for $1,975) is almost the exact same bag, right? I wonder if Sarah Burton caught a glimpse of its ancestor, which ships right out of London! While this fur-ocious little bag has McQueen’s trademark skull peeking out from the fluff, it could use a strap. Clutch form doesn’t make as much sense; you don’t want to be touching that tuft of pristine fur all the time. Strap or no strap, name or no name, I’m going for the vintage in this case!

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