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Maybelline Way: Caution! Mascara at Work

What do you get when you go to an event hosted by the number one selling makeup brand? Serious WOW factor. Maybelline turned the 80th floor of The Empire State Building into “Maybelline Way,” – aka a mini NYC complete with a newsstand, a hot dog vendor, and a Dylan’s Candy Bar pop-up (needless to say I did not have the most balanced dinner that night…). They had awesome faux street signs including “Mascara at Work” and “Avenue of the Falsies,” along with themed stores to coordinate with all of their new products – think Color Sensation Flower Shop. New launches include Instant Age Rewind Lifter Foundation ($13.99), Eye Studio Color Tattoo Metals Cream-Gel Shadow ($7.99), Instant Age Perfector Powder ($9.99), Instant Age Eraser Dark Spot Corrector ($9.99), Color Sensational Vivids Lipstick ($7.49), Color Sensational Color Whisper Lipstick ($7.49), Clean Express Make-up Remover (they’ve got a variety including wipes, lotions, and specific products for eyes – all $5.99), Eye Studio Master Duo Eyeliner ($7.99), Rocket Mascara ($7.95).

So….out of all of the above what should you check-out? I played with most of the products and the mascara is awesome; it goes on smooth and it has a fantastic brush with separated bristles so that you can layer on the color thick for high impact volume without creating clumps. The makeup removing products are a no-brainer and I especially liked the lotion because while it’s not a moisturizer per se it doesn’t leave my skin absolutely parched like so many other makeup removing lotions do. I didn’t love the eye products; while the colors are fine they don’t go on as smooth as I like and that can be an issue especially if you’re looking to create a more elaborate look. I also tried the dark spot eraser, which has a great design (sponge tip – goes on super easy), but again the texture wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked. I do have to say that given the prices we shouldn’t necessarily expect the products to be able to go head-for-head with luxury buys, but there are definitely some in the line-up that do.

Expect to see these products in your local drugstores in the coming weeks. In the meantime click here for Maybelline’s current offerings.


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