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Balenciaga Ruffle Front Sandals: Ruffled Riders

Balenciaga Ruffle Front Sandals

These supple leather Balenciaga sling-backs have somehow mastered the balance between unique and wearable. There are more than enough options when it comes to the nude sandal, but this pair takes it to the next dimension with a 3D look that’s chic, not gimmicky. The neutral shoe gets a nice pop of contrasting color and texture with the gray reptile-stamped underside. And the ruffles are subtly feminine, not like the bright, showy bows you’d expect. I’d love to wear these everyday! With a fitted dress and cute blazer, they’d be great heels to sport to the office. Professional yet fashion-forward (the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive). It’s hard to find shoes this amazing and versatile – with a nice pedicure these will transition perfectly into my summer sandals! At Browns for $879.58.

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