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Best Bird Jewels: Come Fly with Me

Moutoncollet Earrings, Shourouck Cuff, Burberry Ring, Alex Monroe Necklace, Elizabeth and James Ring

Ever since I got my Charlotte Olympia parrot clutch and heels, I’ve been obsessing over birds. They’re great symbolic jewels because of all the associations we have with our feathered friends. Whether you’re like a sweet bluebird or a predatory bird of prey, there are gems to reflect your personality (maybe shy away from ravens, though – unless death is your thing!). Fly high with these winged accessories:

Shourouck Phenix Alabaster Silver-Plated Swarovski Crystal Cuff: You would think a phoenix rising from the ashes would look, well…ashy – not so! Rainbow jewels herald in this new awakening.
On Net-a-Porter for $935.

Moutoncollet Marble Bird Earrings: Gorgeous glass pieces subtly recreate the shape of a bird – not everyone may recognize its avian form, but they’ll all admire it.
On Luisa via Roma for $376.

Burberry Burnished Gold-Tone Owl Ring: Owls were Ancient Greek symbols of wisdom – who couldn’t use a little of that?
On Net-a-Porter for $212.50.

Alex Monroe Little Owl 22-Karat Gold-Plated Diamond Necklace: If you’ve always wanted a bird as a pet, but never had the courage, here’s your opportunity!
On Net-a-Porter for $230.

Elizabeth and James Meadowlark Bird Bypass Ring: Larks are the songbirds that wake you up in the morning, but this guy looks more of a night flier to me (and I like it!).
On ShopBop for $295.



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