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Charlotte Olympia Brazil Shopper: Fashion Detour

Charlotte Olympia Brazil Shopper

Charlotte Olympia is continuing down her road of tacky expensive kitsch…this time to Brazil (my sympathies to your country). Yes, this is exactly what is missing from my bag wardrobe – an $800 canvas bag with a map of Brazil printed on it. Nope, not even embroidered or painted on – printed on. Thank you, Charlotte Olympia! How did you know?? And the little bit of leather detailing on the inside – faux. Add the useless bamboo handles (I guess at least this is an eco-friendly hot mess) and you have a recipe for complete disaster. Yes, it’s colorful and the graphics are cute, but I’m not dishing out hundreds for a bag that looks like it cost $20 at Urban Outfitters. I’d rather put the money towards a ticket to Brazil. Look at the bright side, though – you get a designer-stamped comb with the bag! That makes it all worth it. Not. On Net-a-Porter for $795.



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