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Charlotte Olympia Holiday Collection: Christmas Kitsch

Charlotte Olympia Pouch, Pump, Flat

I drank the Charlotte Olympia Kool-Aid like every other girl on the fashion planet, but come on now! This Christmas collection is literally one step away from the realm of a Wal-Mart red-light special (or is that Kmart?!), but at a much higher cost. Sure, I’m all for holiday kitsch fun but I have a few rules. One of them being your novelty swag shouldn’t cost more than a fast food lunch.

Laughable prices aside (as in, $595 for a Frostie the Snowman change purse), whatever happened to good taste and refinement? Charlotte, I will tolerate your ridiculous Parrots and silly Matryoshka dolls ($416.50), but this ornamentation I cannot stomach. Even her beloved pumps ($1,004) and ballet flats ($955,) have been cheapened with mistletoe (at least it’s detachable on the Kiss Me Dolly heel). I guarantee no one will be kissing you with these on. And I can’t even get into the Christmas Pudding clutch ($695!?).

It makes me fear next Fashion Week. As it is, we (as in, people with invites, trying to get to our seats at shows in order to do our jobs) already have to wade through countless attention-mongers. You know who I’m talking about: the ones who hang outside the tents with no business being there (nor any invitations to actual shows), all decked out like clowns and hoping to get snapped by Bill. Now we have to endure them dressed like Santa’s helpers or Easter bunnies?! God (or Anna) save us all, please!

5 thoughts on “Charlotte Olympia Holiday Collection: Christmas Kitsch

  1. best bag snob post ever!

  2. I know exactly whom you are writing of. Those ridiculous people drive me crazy. Fashion week is such a joke and so are these awful accessories.

  3. These are super cute! thanks for sharing xo

  4. And this is why I have been reading Bag Snob for over 5 years. HAHAHAHA I laughed out loud at work just now.

  5. These are really cute, but I would never pay that much for them. Target (not a Wal-Mart fan) is the only place that I would by them from, and they would have to be in the Dollar Spot section.

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