Charlotte Olympia vs. Kotur: Look-Alike of the Week

Charlotte Olympia vs. Kotur

Perspex box clutches are the clear choice this winter season, and I’ve spotted two look-alikes already! The doppelgangers are both framed in plexi and come with convenient removable pouches. Charlotte Olympia’s playful Pandora bag ($925) gives you three pouch options (gotta love that!), while Kotur’s Frugal Snob option ($395) only has one. But I have to say that even when it’s empty, Kotur’s clutch looks absolutely gorgeous – its golden snow globe-like glitter is perfect festive fun for the holidays. And the closures are stunning, too – Kotur’s a large bauble and Charlotte’s a crystal-embellished spider! I just can’t choose a favorite – which Pandora’s box would you dare open? Available on Net-a-Porter.

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