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Damien Hirst for The Row: Art Snob?!

Damien Hirst Row Backpack
I love bags, I love art, but do I love art on my bags?! In the name of charitable contribution– sure, why not. Remember Nancy Gonzalez‘s recent collaboration with contemporary artists? The crocodile bags were donated for auction at the Two x Two Art Ball for Aids research, and all of the net proceeds went to Amfar. The Row x Damien Hirst collaboration is also donating to UNICEF, but they are not disclosing how much– 1%? 2%?! Truth be known, I’m a fan of The Row’s beautifully made bags and an admirer of Damien Hirst. But if this is really in support of the arts and charity, I feel the bags should have been donated out right – auctioned off and all proceeds given to charity. What this is, is pure marketing genius – genius on their part, not on the part of the idiots people who fork over $55,000 for one of the backpacks (apparently a few of the 12 have been sold already). That said, however, if you’re a collector of Damien Hirst, hanging this on your wall could be very chic- (but only if you live in a smugly stylish mid-century modern home designed by a famous architect and all of your besties go by acronyms). The designs are based on his famous spot painting (and his controversial prescription pill sculpture), after all. But if you’re a fashion victim and want to flaunt your wealth and lack of good taste and common sense, then hang it on your arm. But enough of what I think! What are your thoughts? Snob or Slob?

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  1. I live in an above mentioned mid century modern home and wouldn’t have one of these, or anything by Damien Hirst, anywhere near my walls. His ‘art’ is all about PR and self promotion and nothing worth looking at. And by the way my friends’ names aren’t acronyms… I just have a nice house and appreciate good design. But I am smug 🙂