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Faraone Mennella Cage Necklace: A World of Diamonds

Faraone Mennella Diamond Cage Necklace

This is a cage I wouldn’t mind being trapped in. Diamond bars? Yes, please and thank you. For a decade, the Italian design duo (who used to work at Dior, no less!) Faraone Mennella has been creating upscale creations like this, but I really think they’ve raised the bar with this collection. The diamonds on the basket weave rose gold globe make it like a little disco ball hanging from your neck. But this is more evening gala than dance party. Skip earrings with this gem – it’s too stunning to need them. But throw on a high-shine gold cuff, and you’ll have jewels in all the right places. For the Snobs out there who prefer white gold, a cage ring is available, too (a little less luxe, but also a little less expensive – $19,687).

On Luisa via Roma for $26,280.

Faraone Mennella Diamond Cage Ring

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