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Federico Primiceri Jewels: Playing Pac-Man

Federico Primiceri Jewels

This one is a little strange. Italian jeweler Federico Primiceri has crafted fine jewels based on the video game Pac-Man. Using diamonds, sapphires, and gold, he recreated moments from the game featuring both the hungry little yellow ball and the colorful ghosts who follow him. There are four pieces up for grabs, the first of which are asymmetric earrings ($10,400) – one just a small pink post, the other a dangling three-tier Pac-Man feeding frenzy. There’s a similar bracelet ($2,820) for significantly less money. If you’re going to commit to this design, the cheapest is the best because to be honest these are the kind of items I would buy as gag gifts, not ones I would spend thousands of dollars on. The most outrageous is the necklace (worth a whopping $11,281). It will take a special kind of lady to buy this pricey novelty, but a single woman is all they need because this piece is one of a kind, as is the double finger ring ($3,138). The whole thing seems unusual to me, but after doing some research, I found out that Pac-Man has spawned its own TV series, a top-10 single, and garnered places in the Smithsonian and the MOMA (true story – google it), so maybe there really is a market for these. What do you think?? On Luisa via Roma.



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