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First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream: First Line of Defense

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

Sometimes basic moisturizers are just not enough. Our skin is an organ, so it can require more TLC that we normally remember to give it. I have a friend who couldn’t get rid of a rough patch on her forehead for almost 6 months. She tried out at least half a dozen moisturizers before she came across First Aid Beauty’s ultra repair cream , and it’s what finally did the trick. This product is so strong it can even treat eczema or dermatitis, and yet it’s completely free of chemicals. The founder used to work for Fresh, so her products are of course natural, this one including oatmeal and shea butter (plus antioxidants to prevent free radical damage). It provides short-term relief, while working to fight long-term problems. Even if your skin is 100% healthy, this emollient cream would be great to keep around during the winter months. You shouldn’t just layer on clothes this time of year – layer on moisture, too! At Amazon for $28.



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