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Hello Kitty Wild Thing Brush Set: Love it or Hate it?

What is it about Hello Kitty that women of all ages seem to love? I actually like a number of Sanrio characters, just not Hello Kitty all that much. The kitty doesn’t look happy and she doesn’t have a mouth! I’m all about the much under-appreciated Little Twin Stars. That said I would take a NARS or Chanel compact over a Sanrio one any day – no matter the character. These adorable characters are fantastic on stationary, stickers (yes I still buy them to liven up cards…), even jewelry, and sleepwear, but something about makeup seems too juvenile for me to indulge in…I do see the irony that this is coming from someone who just admitted to buying stickers. I saw this Hello Kitty Wild Thing Brush Set ($29 – $49 value), however and was immediately drawn to the colorways. I tried out the brushes and they’re not the best quality (it was impossible to get my powder foundation on smoothly), but the holder looks so cool I could totally see a little girl loving this. Plus while an adult may be disappointed at the quality of these brushes, a little girl just getting into makeup….how could she not love the set!?

I so need a little niece to spoil…


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