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Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment

I bought Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment a few months ago and have been using it intermittently ever since. Right off the bat – it smells AWFUL. LIKE JUST HORRIBLE. Trust me, do not put this on if you’re planning on spending the night with anyone besides a long term boyfriend, husband, or yourself because it smells potently bad. That said, the smell dissipates rather quickly and after using it a half dozen times or so you get used to the stench. The reason it’s worth getting used to is because this spot treatment actually works. It speeds up your blemishes disappearing and my skin, which is prone to dryness, did not dry out. All I do is place a q tip in the solution and apply it on my blemish (be sure not to shake the bottle the separation you notice between a thick pink paste and something that looks like clear water, is normal).

The reason this product is effective – and why it smells – is that it’s made with the highest level of sulfur allowed. I usually opt for salicylic acid products for my blemishes, but I almost felt like I plateaued with them if that makes sense (kind of like if you take too much Advil and it stops being super effective…) this change in active ingredients was just what I needed.


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  1. I’m on my 3rd bottle of this (been using it for quite awhile now), and it’s my miracle pink liquid! (: My husband calls this the “stinky cream” but I have managed to convince him to use it sometimes as well, and he did say it works. My lifesaver!