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Kim Jong-Un, Leader of North Korea Launches Unicorn Fragrance Instead of a Rocket

This is by far the best beauty story I have ever come across. The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, has launched a fragrance. Yeah, everyone and their mothers have a fragrance but does it smell like native Korean unicorns and Kim Jong-Un himself? I’m not sure who is in charge of his PR but he should surely leave out the part about smelling like a delusional man with a seriously bad haircut. Unicorns on the other hand sound delightfully fragrant! I am of course leaving out the political implications of this strategic launch. He was set to announce the next launch of something else entirely, a rocket. And this is where I give kudos to his PR team, given that his last rocket launch was a failure, an explosive fragrance launch on the other hand is much better for national morale. The fragrance, amazingly, is called “Number Un“.

via New Yorker



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