Le Metier de Beaute Holiday Necklace: Secret Scent

Le Metier de Beaute Holiday Necklace

Le Metier de Beaute has just released a unique collaboration with Ken Downing, the Senior VP and Fashion Director of Neimans. At a limited edition of just 50, this statement necklace is an exclusive piece of luxury. Crafted with 20 rare carnelian stones (centuries ago reserved only for nobles) and a gold-plated woven chain, this collectible has a hidden secret. After all, I bet you’re wondering what a beauty company could have to do with jewelry. And that’s the fun part – the necklace is scented! Available in gardenia, orchid, and sensual holiday amber, you can skip one step in your beauty routine when you wear this necklace out. It would perk up any outfit, even the most common LBD (but I’m sure we can get more creative than that!). Why not pair it with a bright colored mini or a sleek jumpsuit? Exclusively at Neiman Marcus for $4,500.

3 thoughts on “Le Metier de Beaute Holiday Necklace: Secret Scent

  1. this necklace is lovely! and scented! very original, I was wondering how big will be on the neck as it looks quiet big.
    The only thing I don’t like is price…

  2. wow, gorgeous necklace!

  3. If only……………

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