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Lydia Courteille Jewels: Lydia in Wonderland

Lydia Courteille

Lydia Courteille wanted her jewels to create a dream-like state of mind for their wearers, and she did that and more! The jeweler has brought to life a fantasy that we all want to believe in when we step into the world of fashion – that there is beauty beyond this world that can change our lives. Her dream universe is defined by intricate detailing and vibrant stones, some so unique that you’ve never even heard of (and probably can’t pronounce) like phosphosiderites. There are also more common amethysts, diamonds, agates, and sapphires, but they in no way appear common. Lydia can take something as simple as a large floral cocktail ring ($28,805) and turn it into a mysterious Secret Garden. Her lily pad frogs ($18,855) look like they’re jumping in a bright pond that only an acid trip could produce, and on a similarly colored ring ($47,135), we see fish battling around a turquoise agate ocean. Then there are the Carnaval amethyst fan earrings ($25,140) and huge morganite ring ($25,315 but sold out) that make you wish you were dancing along the streets of Brazil. There’s no world Lydia can’t recreate or imagine – I can’t wait to see where she takes us next! Available on Net-a-Porter.



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