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Maclaren BMW Stroller: Sweet Ride

Maclaren BMW Stroller

Now that Maclaren has fixed their hinge mechanism so that your tot’s fingers won’t get caught, they’re back to being the makers of my favorite umbrella stroller. Once your little one becomes a toddler, the convenience of a lightweight, easy to operate ride is key. Being that my favorite car is a BMW, it should come as no surprise that I’m all about this limited edition BMW stroller. The luxurious design is part of the Maclaren Objects of Design Collection (which also includes a cute Beatles-style Yellow Submarine buggy). With the engineering capability of one of the world’s premier car companies, you get a supercharged stroller with 4-wheel suspension in classic BMW blue. There are even little details like the BMW logo buckle and rear reflectors. Those alone aren’t worth the extra cost, but if you’re a big BMW fan, I’m sure it’s a splurge you’ll relish in. Your tot will have the best wheels in town! At Saks Fifth Avenue for $385.



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