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Morgan Cycle Morgan Retro Scooter: Put it in Retrograde


How brilliant would this bright, shiny scooter look parked under the tree, with a big bow on the handlebars? It would be such a fun Christmas gift for your tot! With so many gadgets and video games nowadays, there is sadly no such thing as heirloom toys anymore. But at least everyone still says going back to basics is best – getting physical and working out the wiggles is good for us all.

Sure, you could score a cheap scooter for $40, but this one by Morgan Cycle is made like a real vehicle. And, of course, I am in love with this avocado paint job – talk about a throwback! My parents had a Ford in this color when I was a kid. I thought it was so gross back then, but what did I know? I was seven. I have a feeling your kid will appreciate this scooter, whichever color you pick (it also comes in pale pink, and fire-engine red). Made of sturdy pressed steel and weighing in at just nine pounds, it’s lightweight, durable, and best of all, a dynamic nod to a simpler times. At Amazon for $72.



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