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Narciso Rodriguez Mixed Material Medium Bowler Tote: Shape Up or Ship Out

Narciso Rodriguez Mixed Materials Bowler Bag

Geometry doesn’t get more fun than this, at least in theory. I love the concept of Narciso Rodriguez’s play on shapes: a hexagonal inlaid-linen panel updates and refreshes the basic bowler. But the execution is a bit problematic: the corners where the leather piping and the linen meet are not perfectly precise; they’re just a bit off. It’s very slight but for $2,600, I expect razor-sharp precision (and so should you!). Everything else looks beautiful. I can see the inlaid panel coming – and looking fab – in a variety of materials: pony-hair, printed fabric, sheered fur and, of course, another leather panel of a contrasting color. (It comes in black-on-black leather as well, and that one does have perfect seams. It’s also $100 more. Maybe that’s the price of precision!) I still love the bag, regardless. It’s sharp and shows Narciso sensibility reaches past ready-to-wear and into the realm of bags. At Barneys New York for $2,600.

Narciso Rodriguez Mixed Media Medium Bowler Detail



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