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Pintaldi Maurizio Ruby Pendent Earrings: Up in Flames

Pintaldi Maurizio Ruby Pendent Earrings

Gorgeous beyond belief, these faceted ruby drop earrings are unlike anything you’ve ever seen! A full 67 carats in all, meaning you’d have a whopping 33.5 per ear to dazzle your onlookers with. Pintaldi Maurizio is a Sicilian designer who likes to recreate natural formations as ultra-modern designs (imagine stalactites and sea coral). So if the giant rubies are not enough, there are also loads of diamonds set into the 18 karat black gold branches – or maybe they’re flames because these are that hot! This is the kind of piece that will garner massive biddings at future estate auctions. So what I really mean is, this is a worthy investment. And even if you’re not in the market to buy (or anywhere near the market), they’re beautiful to look at – true works of art. At Browns for $37,055.30.



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