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Pizza Hut Perfume: Savory Scent

Pizza Hut Perfume

You might remember (but I hope you don’t) when Burger King put out a men’s body spray in 2008 that smelled like their flame-broiled burgers. Now the Daily News is reporting that Pizza Hut has followed suit with its limited edition Eau de Pizza that smells like fresh-out-of-the-oven dough. Originally a joke on the pizza empire’s Canadian Facebook page, the scent garnered enough interest to be full on commissioned by the company. Seeing as perfume isn’t edible, I’m missing the point a bit. There are some foods that translate well into scents (mint, chocolate, strawberry, etc.), but they’re not generally savory. Cheers to Pizza Hut for listening to its fans, though, and having a sense of humor. The first 110 people who messaged the company in September will be getting their bottles in the mail soon, but as for the rest of us, we may be out of luck. There are no plans as of now to mass-produce.



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  1. OHH Look interesting to Small it, I’m still can’t understand how small of a pizza can be good on someone body. i guess we have to wait till we can try this. Thank You