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Shu Uemera Youthful Radiance Generator: Turn Back the Clock

Shu Uemera Youthful Radiance Generator

I’m a sucker for anything called “youth serum,” and when it comes from my trusted brand She Uemura, I of course have to try it. The essence is made with enju flower (which means longevity in Japanese), a plant known for its persistent life force, and cell-renewing rhamnose. It smells pleasant, albeit a bit old lady-ish and powdery. The claim that it’s only “7 days to porcelain-fine, petal-soft, translucent glowing skin” is exaggerated (I’m sure you already knew that), but after a week of applying morning and night, I have seen a difference, especially with dull and rough skin. Even though I haven’t been exfoliating everyday, my face is much smoother. My complexion is also more even – that could be thanks to the weather and not being out in the sun so much, though. I long ago gave up on any product actually getting rid of my dark spots, but I have to say that this serum has improved my skin’s overall clarity. All you need is a few drops to cover your entire face and neck, and unlike most, you apply this on top of your moisturizer. The most dramatic difference has been when I put on my foundation. If your makeup goes on this evenly and flawlessly, you know your skin is smooth. On Amazon for $79.99.



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