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Take It from the Streets: Legendary Legwear

Take It from the Streets

Winter is the best time to try out different legwear. I mean who wants to be limited to just pants or basic tights?? Cold weather challenges us to expand our fashion horizons (sometimes this is good, sometimes not so much – but it’s the effort that counts!). From bright, funky patterned tights to pantaloon-style pants (some women really can get away with anything) to girly tall socks with heels, legs are going undercover in the boldest ways possible. I personally love wearing lacy tights – they’re fun and sexy without being such a risk that you could end up seeming like a circus act. This Bostonian has perfected the style with ripped lace tights – she’s got a little edge, even carrying prep-king J. Crew’s jewel-toned clutch! Looking at all the fashion-forward ladies on the street, I notice that what makes their looks winning is that they did take risks. So, go for broke and maybe you’ll be a street-style sensation like the New Yorker below. She didn’t back down – her leather-like leggings look tough paired over Marc by Marc Jacobs kicks. But the most daring style definitely comes courtesy of UK designer Niu Yun. Her vibrant yellow leggings stole the spotlight, even under a huge emerald vintage coat. All it takes is a little pop of color or texture to make your mark.

Images via Boston Street StyleElle Street Chic, and Glamour Street Style UK

Take It from the Streets

Take It from the Streets



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