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The Carrie Diaries x Mark Cross Scottie: Custom Carrie

The Carrie Diaries x Mark Cross Scottie

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! I cooked for 21 people, wrapped hundreds of presents, acquired a hamster and pretty much lost my mind but was deliriously happy! What also makes me happy is this Mark Cross custom Scottie satchel for the CW’s new series The Carrie Diaries, aka Sex and the City’s teenybopper prequel. Given the show’s time period, this bag needed to deliver on ‘80s goodness, and it completely succeeded with a new Pollock-style paint job. This is kind of genius – I always thought the Scottie was a little mature, but with a fresh coat of neon glow, it’s youthful and carefree. And we can all customize our Scotties a la Miss Carrie Bradshaw (played by bubbly AnnaSophia Robb) by ordering directly through Mark Cross and Barneys. How will you design yours?? Available for $1,950.



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