Victoria Beckham’s Big Burgundy Boots: Saucy Suede


Most days, when I’m standing in my closet, sifting through racks of clothes, hoping my clothing rod doesn’t break (again) and kill me, I wonder to myself, what would Beckham do? A style icon, designer, and of course, a Beckham, I look to VB to guide me down an ultra chic path toward fashion enlightenment. In a case of running to the airport with your entire family, Victoria would, of course, be polished and on point with sultry suede Giuseppe Zanotti platform knee boots and a Jil Sander satin color-block dress.


What did I wear to the airport last week you ask? Skinny jeans and an itchy sweater that I later dumped a full cup of peppermint coffee on…awesome.  I guess I’ll keep saying my travel-fabulous prayers. Boot it like Beckham and pick these burgundy beauties up at Neiman Marcus for $1250. 

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