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Alexander McQueen Clutches: Brass Knuckle Beauties

Alexander McQueen Clutches

I’ve decided to get another Alexander McQueen knuckle-duster clutch this season, but the question is, which one?! Each one is more unique and interesting than the last! I help Bag Snobs make decisions daily, so I thought it would be fun if you helped me choose my next bag purchase. Right now, the orange snakeskin ($2,295) is the frontrunner. I love the vibrant color, and the exotic python really elevates the trendy bag style. But I wear a lot of black, and black/pumpkin orange combos are a bit too ghoulish for my taste. In the summer, it would be so chic with white and/or white/black, though, so I’m torn. I’ve also been eyeing the black/gold version ($2,325) with etched studs for months, but it’s a bit busy, not to mention on the trendy side. The shimmering metallic green ($1,995) is beautiful, too, but slightly boring compared to the competition, no? Ahhhh, I want them all, but can only get one, so what do you think? Which one should I get? Available at Neiman Marcus.

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