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Aveda Hand Relief Cream: Natural Selection

Aveda Hand Relief Cream

Whether you’re on the dry West Coast or the frigid East Coast, you need a good moisturizer right about now. So, I keep Aveda Hand Relief on my desk all the time. There’s nothing more distracting than having dry, cracking hands while you’re working. I’m constantly staring at them and criticizing everything (luckily today I have a new manicure, so there’s one less thing to scrutinize!). I have an endless supply of hand creams, but I like to keep this one at my desk because even though it’s rich, it absorbs easily and quickly and doesn’t get my keyboard all greasy. Instead, I’m left with soft skin that is supple and moist. It feels natural, as if I’m normally this hydrated. Aveda totes itself as a plant-based brand, so no parabens/phalates/other gross chemicals are involved. Ingredients like plant emollients and vitamins A and E are what’s used to relieve dryness. The cream has a slight citrusy scent (fruit acids and antioxidants also play a big role in the recipe), but it isn’t strong at all so it won’t interfere with perfumes or other scented products. There’s a small size to carry around in your bag. I wouldn’t keep this in the car, though (I have something else for that). With all of the botanicals in the cream, a change in temperature might change the balance, so best not to risk it. At Nordstrom for $8.50 (1.4 oz) and $21 (4.2 oz).



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