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BijaBody Anti-Aging Treatment and Serum: Body Double

BijaBody Anti-Aging Treatment and Serum

I’m at the point when I have to be concerned about aging not just on my face, but on my body, too. So while I’m lotioning up, why not take some preventative measures? BijaBody’s line is all-natural and uses botanicals like HoneyOil and green tea extracts to get your skin to its healthiest ever. The body treatment lotion ($32) is amazing for everyday use – it smells wonderful and has a nice light finish, so you’re not walking around or sleeping in a pile of moisturizer. Plus, the effects are more than just immediate. With continued use, the peptides in the formula will aid in collagen repair and minimizing fine lines. But to get the full-effect, you should really try the body serum ($32), as well. It uses antioxidants and vitamins to give an added splash of hydration for those who want to protect and defend against the elements. The fact is that in the winter, even the best lotions can use some backup. The serum’s sold out right now after the holiday surge, but check back soon – it’s worth it! I apply the oil under the lotion after nighttime showers or baths. The serum soaks right in and the scent helps wind you down for bedtime. I love a good body ritual after my baths – it’s like being at the spa! Available on BijaBody.



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  1. Everyone knows that in future they will be older with his face and body .But most of the people work against anti aging on face but they forget about his body, but don’t take tension about that, use BijaBody Anti-Aging Treatment and Serum.Its really work on anti aging problem. I think Kayaclinic also one of the best solutions for Anti aging.

  2. From one Beauty snob to another, thank you for such a lovely review. Beauty Snob readers, we are fully stocked up! Use code: “WorththeWait” and receive a pretty little discount off your order. xo.