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Christian Louboutin Syd Studded Leather Shopper Bag: The Sex Pistols

Christian Louboutin Syd Studded Leather Shopper Bag

I wish my husband could pull off more high-fashion looks (isn’t the dream of any woman to be married a straight guy with gay aesthetics?), but I’m not sure any straight guy can pull off a studded tote. Odd because studs are not inherently feminine – think back to the original punk-rock era – but it’s something in the overall effect. Christian Louboutin’s Syd shopper ($3,640) is a thin bag…thus making it more masculine? It might be intended for dudes, but otherwise, it’s a big tote like any other.

I totally see the need for everyone to have a bag. Like where do you put your iPad, headphones, gum, and wallet? Pocket you say? Not if he’s carrying Louboutin’s matching studded Paros wallet ($467)! The poor guy wouldn’t be able to sit, and it would surely puncture his pants (I think putting it in the front pocket is way out of the question here). Maybe if it came in distressed leather or another form of hardware-clad embellishment. For now, we’ll leave this powerful pairing to only the most flamboyant (and fearless) of fellows. Both available at Browns Fashion.



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