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Couture Spring 2013 Roundup: Fancy Pants

Couture Spring 2013 Roundup

The pant made a big statement at the couture shows, on its own and ironically, even more so under gowns. Valli did it best with glamorous flair, seamlessly integrating matching trousers underneath billowing gowns. I loved the entire collection. Armani also played around with the style, taking the pantsuit to an entirely different level with a column dress over wide slacks that looked modern and spectacular. Versace was well, Versace, with a candy and plastic theme, like Barbie on crack. My favorite look was devoid of neon, but definitely not lacking in shine. We might even see this dress come down the red carpet this season if someone’s willing to show a little leg (Heidi Klum, this is your cue).

Not even an enchanted forest setting in the Grand Palais could make Chanel’s show magical. Excluding the mesh lashed beauty department, Lagerfeld missed every mark for me with his boxy, off the shoulder silhouettes and harsh prints (it’s hard to make floral harsh, but there it is) that lacked the feel of luxury. Yes, the lace work was as intricate and beautiful as ever, but just too frilly and poofy. I loved Dior’s collection, though – dramatic draping and cutouts in unexpected places that were sexy while still classy and in perfect taste. The plethora of pixie cuts and crystal lips added a nice sense of refined fun. Saab also loves crystals and the look is always the same – all-over glitter beads. His dresses are safe bets for the behind the scenes nominees as they make their way down the red carpet, but this unexpected print gown with crystals in all the right places is a standout hit. I would love to see it shine on the step-and-repeat, but highly doubt someone will take the risk. Let’s hope I’m proven wrong!

Couture Spring 2013 Roundup



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