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David Kirsch Wellness Wants To Help You With Your Resolutions

David Kirsch

I can’t even begin to count how many phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages, and emails I’ve gotten from friends who want to get in better shape as part of their 2013 New Year resolutions. I’m always excited to take people with me to work out so I think it’s awesome that some of my friends are trying to be pro-active about getting in shape. What people tend to underestimate however is how much of a factor diet it is. If you’re looking to shed pounds I’d say it’s 80% diet. Working out is imperative – at least for me – for mental and physical health, but even though I’m super consistent with my routine my weight will fluctuate a good 5 pounds depending on my diet.  On that note I’ve also been getting bombarded with press releases about products and tips to keep fitness/health resolutions in check and one of the ones that caught my eye were from David Kirsch Wellness. Kirsch is the man behind countless Victoria’s Secret models bods and in addition to DVDs, private training, and classes, he’s got a line of cleansing kits and supplements.

I love fruits and vegetables – and I rather eat them than drink them – and I’m pretty good about keeping my salt in check. For people who don’t like fruits/veggies as much or those who eat out all the time and don’t have healthy options readily available Kirsch offers up a bunch of fantastic finds. Products range from detox kits that include antioxidant shots, green blends, and protein shakes to all natural super juices (filled with chlorophyll-rich green foods like spirulina, vegetable and fruit extracts. essential fatty acids, echinacea for the immune system, and more). He’s even got a strawberry-kiwi flavored bubbly drink that is designed to relieve stress with a specific blend of vitamins and amino acids. Check out all these and more at  David Kirsch Wellness.


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