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Eddie Borgo Stingray-Effect Jewelry Box: Organized Chaos

Eddie Borgo Stingray-Effect Jewelry Box

Keeping my jewelry organized is like a part-time job. I have pieces on my dresser, others on my vanity, some in a display case, and even more sprinkled around the house (I can’t type with large rings on, so I have a collection of them hanging around my desk). This punk rock Eddie Borgo jewelry box may not get me totally organized (I’ll be honest, it’s me, not the system), but at least I’ll have more motivation. There is, of course, the requisite mirror, as well as large swing out drawers for those hard to store objects like bangles and oversized necklaces. It’s a much more interesting and aesthetically pleasing setup than the usual pull out drawers. Plus, there’s one large bottom tray for loose ends. It won’t actually fit everything, but if you don’t care about traveling light, this will certainly hold everything you need for a trip. You can take it as a cute carry-on! The stingray design and triangle accents on the luxe leather ensure that it will still display beautifully even when all the drawers are open and my jewels are spilling out. OnNET-A-PORTER for $2,000.



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