Elizabeth Arden’s New Contouring Marine Cellulite Treatment

Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden recently launched four new treatments as part of their Marine Spa Collection: Seawater Pearl Hydrating Facial, Hydra-Quench Remineralizing Body Wrap, Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap, and Contouring Marine Cellulite Treatment. I tried the latter of them, which lasts a little over an hour and costs $160. I’ve said it a million time before – there is no easy cure for cellulite no matter what a bottle, lotion, or potion tells you – the best you can do is build up muscle underneath fat tissue and boost circulation as cellulite is basically stuck pockets of fat.  That said, this treatment sounded and was fantastic and while it didn’t magically give me thigh muscles it does a wonderful job at boosting circulation leaving you with a firmer feel.

You first lay down on a bed while your lower back, stomach, tights, and butt (i.e. all areas prone to cellulite) are lathered in a heated mineral clay. It feels super nice – warm and kind of bubbly. It doesn’t harden, but does require a cloth to remove once the treatment is done. You are then wrapped in foil and towels while getting a foot, neck, and shoulder massage. Then, you shower off the masque in a shower inside the room before your cellulite-prone areas are massaged with contouring and collagen creams. It all felt amazing!

The masque and cream work to loosen up fat deposits and in conjunction with the targeted massage to boost circulation. My body felt both smoother and firmer and while that dissipated, more or less, by the next day, the whole treatment was so incredibly relaxing it was worth every second.

If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional massage or need a little extra confidence boost before heading out in a risque outfit, I would highly recommend this incredibly relaxing treatment.

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