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Farmhouse Fresh Goods: Backcountry Beauty

Farmhouse Fresh Goods

The farm to table ideas comes to beauty (so I guess it’s farm to bathroom?). I just discovered this line, and now I want to buy everything they make. The natural ingredients come straight from their farm, so there are no chemicals. All of the products are even vegan and gluten free. And the scents are delightfully delicious – I want to eat them all! The blueberry milk bath ($25.95) smells like fresh baked blueberry muffins and hydrates to leave your skin silky soft. Since it’s powder, a little goes a long way, so the jar will last a while. There’s also a honey magnolia sparkling soak and body oil ($20) that you can use directly on your skin or put in your bath water for a relaxing soak.

After a sweet honey bath, what would be better than the honey heel glaze ($24) to rescue your neglected feet? I like to use it on dry cracked hands, too. This is not a treatment – you just leave it on. The glaze absorbs, but I would wear socks to keep it working overnight. Caramel is the dessert I crave but can’t have on my diet, so the decadence of the body milk ($28) is great for satisfying my craving for sweets. It goes on very emollient, but absorbs surprisingly to a soft finish. This is something you indulge in at night before bed because it wouldn’t last through a hand wash. But for the body a morning ritual would start your day off just right! Farmhouse Fresh’s packaging is quaint and comforting, like mason jars and old-time soda bottles. I’ll definitely be back for more. All of the moisturizers smell wonderful without being sickeningly overpowering, and they’re great for tots because they’re all natural. Besides, what kid wouldn’t want caramel or blueberries spread all over them? Available on Amazon.



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