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Fendi Polifonia Ankle-Boots and Sandals: Fendi’s Dim Future

Fendi Polifonia Ankle-Boots and Sandals

“Polifonia” is Italian for polyphony, a musical piece consisting of several harmonized melodies. How ironic. There is nothing harmonized about these shoes. If this is Fendi‘s idea of doing something exciting, I want off the ride now. Bring back the box totes and box toe heels, please! After all, boring is better than disastrous. The attempt at futuristic, architectural design is a total fail. With its goosebump texture (how appropriate) color-blocked top, the ankle boot ($1,295) is a cross between the Sydney Opera House and an armadillo. As if that weren’t enough, let’s talk about the awkward ankle strap, the cause of what I feel is this shoe’s identity crisis (bootie? pump?). And what’s with the rubber spikes on the heels – they look like fallen pieces from a Rubik’s Cubes. The sandal ($1,100) is slightly less offensive, but only when standing next to the atrocity that is her boot sister. The crazy silver heel is completely at odds with what could be an okay sandal. While trying very hard to be edgy and cool, the shape is ultimately sensible and dumpy. Available at Saks Fifth Avenue.



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  1. I do not dislike them quite as much as you do, I am still on the fence. There is a picture of them in one of the fashion magazines, Jessica Alba is wearing them. They appear to be a little nicer on the foot than off. I will not be purchasing them but I am not sure they are an atrocity.